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We help Entrepreneurs with $1M+ in Revenue Reduce Your Income Taxes, Optimize Your Business Profits and Increase Your Cash Flow.

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Ed Lloyd & Associates

Tax Advisory Service

Plan and Reduce Your Taxes!

Work alongside our team of CPA advisors and tax planners to build a proactive tax strategy that reduces taxes and maximizes credits and deductions.

I Want to Create a Proactive Tax Strategy

I Want to Create a Proactive Tax Strategy

Get a jump start on your taxes! Tax season starts months before you prepare them. With the right plan, you can maximize your savings by strategically distributing your finances and organizing your spending with the help of a dental tax accountant.

I Want to Stay on Top of Paperwork

I Want to Stay on Top of Paperwork

Time to put your plan into motion. Our dental tax advisors take you through the action plan, so you can save time later and be prepared for tax season. We ensure paperwork is filed on time, tax codes are met, and your business thrives. With our support, tax season will be a breeze.

I Want to Maximize Tax Reductions

I Want to Maximize Tax Reductions

Get a jump start on your taxes! Tax season starts months before you prepare them. With the right plan, you can maximize your savings by strategically distributing your finances and organizing your spending with the help of a dental tax accountant.

Ed Lloyd & Associates

Real-Time Accounting Services

Get Your Books Back Under Control

Balancing your business with all your other tasks can be overwhelming. Our real-time accounting services are here to relieve the burden of keeping accounts, so you have more time to do what you love: running your dental practice.

What solution do you need to ease your workload today?

I need more time.

While we can’t turn back the clocks, we have something better. Our accounting team analyzes your structure to find ways to save you time and money. Our accounting plans discover ways to eliminate tedious and unnecessary tasks through automation and streamlined practice. Then, you can focus on areas that make the most significant financial impact. Less time in the books means more time in your practice.

I Need More Organization.

Do your books make you want to cry? Are your numbers all starting to look alike? Our accounting service team looks at your finances and recommends solutions to keep your books updated. Our tools, resources, and solutions make accounting much more manageable. Then, you can track and analyze your finances to better understand where you are. With our timely reporting, you can attain more of your revenue goals.
We can take it from here! Once you sign up, you’ll have a team of CPAs working on your account with a dedicated Account Manager who you can contact at any time for any needs. Send us your questions and concerns! We’re all about education at Tooth & Coin.

I Need More Financial Security.

How confident are you that your business is profitable? Even if you’re making a decent profit, there’s always room to grow. We help you find those areas for growth and savings with our CFO services. Our expert accountants will analyze your finances, provide performance reports, and keep you updated on your results. Through our reports and careful monitoring, you can stay on top of your growth and find new ways of building a more secure financial future.

Ed Lloyd & Associates

CFO Growth Services

Consistently Reach Your Goals

You know where you want to go but don’t always know how to get there. Our CFO growth services is for service based entrepreneurs help you plan for the future. What goals do you want to achieve?

I Want to Save More Money

Business growth occurs on a firm financial foundation. Let’s look at your finances together, analyze your business numbers, and compare them to industry standards. Where can you cut back costs and save more money? How can you invest and make smarter business decisions? We build a customized budget with your growth goals in mind, so you can save more money for future growth.

I Want to Expand My Practice

Are you ready to expand? Perhaps you’re considering selling your practice? Our team is here to support you during big business decisions, so you take the next step with more financial confidence and security. Build a plan backed by numbers, so you make smarter investments and maximize your returns.

I Want to Get Out of Debt

Debt is part of many businesses, but financial freedom is possible. Our caring financial team is here to listen, empathize, and create actionable solutions. With our support, you can learn how to adjust your spending and savings to pay off debt faster and keep more profits in your pocket.

Ed Lloyd & Associates

Our 4-Step Road to Financial Success

What can you expect when you schedule a meeting with Ed Lloyd & Associates?

Step 1:
Discover Needs

Start your journey with a simple conversation. Our CPAs are here to listen to you and understand your goals, so you can create customized solutions with a clear action plan designed for your business.

Step 2:
Analyze Data

Time to roll back the curtain on your financial situation. We take a closer look at the numbers and where your business is at.

Step 3:
Set Goals

Equipped with all the data we need about your business, we can build a roadmap to guide you on your journey from where you are to where you want to be.

Step 4:
Implement Solutions

You don’t walk this road alone. Our tax and accounting experts provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to implement our action plan. Then, we walk by your side, ready to jump in and help you along the way.

Experience the Ed Lloyd & Associates Difference

At Ed Lloyd & Associates, you get your taxes and accounting done correctly the first time every time. Ed Lloyd, a certified and professional CPA has unlocked the secret to a successful accounting advisory for entrepreneurs: take the time and understand each client. The team at ELA works for clients from North Carolina to Hawaii and everywhere in between.

You’re more than a number at Ed Lloyd & Associates. Every client that reaches out receives professional and knowledgeable support designed just for them.

Ed Lloyd & Associates believes the best plan is a proactive approach. We are always looking toward the future and finding innovative ways to make you more stable today so you can achieve the dreams and goals of tomorrow. With our expert help, you will be prepared to meet any business challenge, find new ways to boost your profits, and have more time to invest in your business.

Potential team members looking for a rewarding career should apply here for more information.

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What our
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We have been with Ed Lloyd & Associates for over 20 years. The reason we picked Ed Lloyd was because of his extensive knowledge and professionalism. The number one benefit we receive is the fact that our taxes are always done accurately, they maximize all the tax deductions and our stress level is reduced dramatically.
An unexpected outcome is the fact that for many years we have received  substantial tax refunds. Ed Lloyd and his entire staff are wonderful and we would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Scott Hartsell – Pineville Chiropractic

Ed Lloyd has been my accountant for several years….he has always done a fantastic job in a timely fashion for both personal and business accounting matters. I highly recommend him! (And….he is a great guitar player too!) 

Robert Lowe, DDS

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