Asset Protection Plans

At Ed Lloyd & Associates, we make sure you are structured correctly for tax minimization and that your business and personal assets are protected. Why spend so much time and effort to build a great business and wealth only to lose it to not being structured correctly!

The Ed Lloyd & Associates Protection System falls into four categories:

  1. Business and personal asset protection which includes the right structure for your business, your investments, your personal assets, etc.
  2. Shareholder agreements and buy sell agreements for businesses that have partners in their business.
  3. Life, disability and income protection to cover for unforeseeable circumstances and ones that are inevitable. The objective is the help Estate planning for the protection of your assets and the protection of the ones that you love when you are gone.

Services available with Ed Lloyd & Associates Asset Protection System:

  1. Best structure or structures for operating your business for tax and asset protection
  2. Buy/sell agreements
  3. Personal insurance for disability of owners
  4. Business Insurance
  5. Liquidations
  6. Audit insurance
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