Cash Flow

At Ed Lloyd & Associates we know that your business does not exist without cash flow. Get this one wrong in your business and there will be a lot of pain and suffering. Cash flow is critical to the success of any business. We work closely with our clients in monitoring and improving their cash flow.

Where Did the Cash Go?

That is the first question we are asked after we tell a client how much money they made. They want to know – Where is it??? Our monthly reporting package addresses this critical question so that you know during the year where you cash went and you do not have any surprises at tax time or when you need the cash for the business.

Cash Flow Planning and Cash Flow Forecasting

It is important to know where the money went and even more important to know where is it going to come from. Without this information how can you make informed decisions about your business?

The cash flow forecasting systems we use provides the insights that is a game changer for many clients. We can show you where you are projected to be and how changes can make impact your future cashflow.

Services available with Ed Lloyd & Associates Cash Flow System

  1. Acquisition or new business analysis
  2. Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting
  3. Cash flow management strategies
  4. Projections for lenders with cashflow forecasting
  5. Where did the Cash Go? Statement
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