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Are you wasting valuable tax dollars?  Want a second opinion to find out?  People get second opinions all the time for before they have a medical procedure, what about your annual tax procedure? It is not life threatening, but is definitely painful!

We saved our clients over $2,800,000 of income taxes in 2018 and we are on track to surpass that number in 2019. How do we do that?  We apply the tax law to business owners just like you so our clients pay the amount of tax they are legally obligated to pay and no more.

We focus on tax minimization for entrepreneurs and we will take our experience and knowledge in the tax planning to drive your taxes down.  Tax planning is a specialty that most CPA’s do not focus on, the national average is around 1%. This means you have a 99% chance that you do not have tax planner working for you.

The new tax act and the existing tax law provide a wealth of opportunities to minimize your income taxes.  It is critical to structure your business correctly to get the most from the new Act and the other deductions available.  We will analyze the potential for reducing your income taxes with your complementary second opinion.

We work on a fixed fee arrangement with our clients.  This means we will determine the amount of tax you are overpaying, give you a fixed price to rescue the wasted tax dollars and after your approval we start working for you.  We have a 200% ROI guarantee – if we do not deliver tax saving alternatives exceeding 200% of your investment we will refund your planning fee.

To get started on your complementary second opinion tax review, schedule a call now. Use our online scheduling system and book a time today. We look forward to helping you save more money!

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