Thank you for requesting the Critical Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The report will be delivered to your email in 10 minutes.  You’re on your way to realizing new tax savings.

As discussed, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides a tremendous amount of tax planning opportunities for business owners to consider, and this report highlights some of the key planning areas that you’ll want to review.

Use the information in the report to minimize your income taxes in 2018 – and for years to come.  Which tax changes are going to most benefit your business? Read through the report for some insights. There could be several you can combine to maximize the added value made available to you through these changes.

It is good that you are addressing these now. Understanding the full range of tax benefits available, and implementing them correctly, is critical for minimizing your tax liability under the new laws. The benefits of the new tax deductions can vary, however, depending upon:

  • The structure of your business,
  • The type of business that you are in,
  • The net income of your business,
  • The salary amounts of the owners, and
  • Numerous other considerations

The right combination of methods can increase your deductions by 20% or more, but it is different for every business.  You’re entitled to unlock the benefits of the new deductions available to your – be sure to educate yourself on every possible opportunity.

The report will definitely get you started with this process, but to take complete action it’s ideal to have a partner who understands every aspect of the new legislation.

This is why we’ve developed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act Tax Reduction Plan to provide you with the sort of detailed analysis of your business and personal income taxes that’s going to be required to fully exploit the benefits the new tax law.

We have uncovered tax savings up to $100,000 for business owners through this plan. Your $2,500 investment in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act Tax Reduction Plan includes:

  1. Initial phone consultation to review the details of your business, so we can capture the specific benefits available to you
  2. Custom analysis of the Act, related to your current business situation which includes:
    • Analysis of your business structure, side-by-side comparisons with other business choices
    • Impact the new Act will have on your individual tax return
    • Detailed report summarizing the potential benefits the Act provides to you
  3. Video conference call, to review your custom report and start implementing your tax savings

All of our tax planning services are backed by our 200% guarantee.  If we do not deliver tax reduction considerations exceeding 200% of your investment you get you money back, no questions asked.

Finally, note that inaction in this arena could actually harm your bottom-line. Delaying the implementation of the benefits the Act provides can actually increase your tax burden! Sign up today so we can begin helping you rescue your tax dollars.


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