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Ed Lloyd & Associates Virtual CFO Service


Our Virtual CFO Services Provide Business Owners the Opportunity To Increase the Value of Your Business by 71%. We change the lives of small to medium sized business owners by helping them reach their potential. The Ed Lloyd & Associates Virtual CFO Service is how we help our clients get there. Focu-sing on the eight business drives and our Awesome 8 services provide the tools the business owners really need and deserve to grow their business. We are able to provide the structure, systems and support you would expect from a full time CFO for a fraction of the cost.

Ed Lloyd & Associates Strategic Tax Planning


We help our clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible. We are proactive tax planners with certifications in tax planning that take the time to understand your business and personal situation. The Ed Lloyd & Associates Strategic Tax Planning service is the process we use to dramatically reduce your tax liability. To receive your second opinion on your taxes schedule a time to talk with us so we can rescue your wasted tax dollars.

Our Guarantee to You

We will deliver solutions that exceed 250% of your investment in our tax planning or business planning or we will refund your planning fee, no questions asked. Take advantage of our complimentary second opinion to minimize your income taxes and grow the value of your business.

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