Mergers & Acquisitions

Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC’s mergers and acquisitions services offers support services for you — whether you are buying, selling, or combining two organizations.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct audits & evaluate assets of acquired companies

  • Perform other due diligence in connection with acquisitions

  • Help structure & perform due diligence on multi-entity acquisitions

  • Advise on proper accounting methods & adjustments

  • Review & advise on acquisition agreements

  • Create pro forma financial statements for combined entities

  • Coordinate the complex nature of combining accounting & administrative support

  • Advise on tax planning opportunities

  • Consult on business valuation & purchase price

  • Work with attorneys, bankers & venture capitalists

Business Assessment

The first stage in purchasing an existing business is to perform a Business Assessment on the business. This process will assist you in determining whether you wish to make an offer on the business or look for another business that is better suited for your needs.

We can assist you with the answers to these critical questions along with other information on the company and the industry. This will provide you with the opportunity to make an informed decision and create a blueprint for a profitable, successful acquisition.

Ed Lloyd & Associates can assist you to:

  • Evaluate and analyze the historic information on the company.

  • Estimate the company’s future earnings capability and financial position.

  • Analyze market value to provide a baseline for determining how much to pay.

  • Assist with the tax implications on the structure purchase price and deal terms.

  • Prepare projections for the acquisition’s performance and bottom-line return based upon the price, deal terms, financing and new operating assumptions.

  • Estimate the Internal Rate of Return to investors.

  • After you are satisfied with the business on paper and an offer is accepted, we will assist you with the due diligence on the company to test the underlying records and systems of the business.

Don’t buy a business unless you can answer the following questions:

  • How well is the company REALLY performing?

  • What’s the company worth and how much should YOU pay?

  • What’s the best way to structure the purchase price?

  • How are you going to finance the deal?

  • What’s the expected bottom-line return?

  • Answer these critical questions wisely and you’re on your way to a profitable deal.

  • Gloss over them, and you’re flirting with financial disaster!

Answer these critical questions wisely and you’re on your way to a profitable deal. Gloss over them, and you’re flirting with financial disaster!

For more information about the Merger & Acquisition services offered by our firm, please call 704-544-7600, Email Us or use our quick & convenient Online Form.

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