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Looking for a Accounting Firm that actually cares about you and wants you to succeed? Look no further! Trust Accounting, year end reports, full accounting and business analysis – Ed Lloyd and his team do it all!  
Testimonial 5

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We started using Ed Lloyd & Associates as our accounting and bookkeeping service several years ago as we bought out a retiring owner of our firm. In that transition Ed and his team helped us with the transfer of the business and their input saved us several...
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We have been with Ed Lloyd & Associates for over 20 years. The reason we picked Ed Lloyd was because of his extensive knowledge and professionalism. The number one benefit we receive is the fact that our taxes are always done accurately, they maximize all the tax...
Testimonial 5

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Our tax projections were showing that the business would owe a significant amount to the IRS after filing. With some advice and help from Ed Lloyd & Associates we were able to actually reduce that amount significantly and ending up getting a return instead of...
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