“I got into podiatry because I’m passionate about bookkeeping, payroll, tax prep and accounting Not.”

We’ll help you get back to your true professional passion.


BOSS For PodiatryPerhaps you know this feeling—somewhere during your career, you’ve gone from being a creative professional to spending all of your time managing business details. Ed Lloyd & Associates, your accounting and advisory expert, will help you get back to your true passion—podiatry.We help professionals get down to business. We’ll simplify your back office management and finance. You take care of your patients, and we’ll manage the business aspects for you. Meet BOSS™, our collaborative system, powered by cloud-based technology. BOSS gives you a secure portal to push business data to us anytime, 24/7. You provide basic input and BOSS does the rest—bookkeeping, bill payments, bank statement reconciliation, payroll, W-2’s, and analysis for financial strategies, management, and tax planning. BOSS is backed by our experienced team. The people behind BOSS have the expertise in financial management for professional practice. You’ll have the confidence to devote your full energy to your profession!


BOSS makes running your business easy

  • Discover what BOSS, our proprietary back office system, can do for you:
  • Process vendor bills quickly—all processing is done securely online.
  • Balance your checkbooks—access your check records and account balance securely online.
  • Process payroll—paychecks, direct deposit remittances, and employees’ stubs are all available in secure portals.
  • Complete tax planning and prep
  • Detailed reporting and more

Ed Lloyd & Associates is committed to providing the level of service that allows you to devote your energy and focus to what’s most important—your practice. We’ll earn the trust and confidence that will let you forget about the hassles and headaches of back office responsibilities.
Don’t let another monthly financial cycle close without speaking to us.We have the resources to help your business grow.
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