Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:

Discover the Planning System Guaranteed to Help You Grow In 2020!

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are able to grow their business over time but they cannot hit the goals that they set for themselves every year.

If you’re interested in growing your business in 2020 and having the tools and support you need to hit your goals with confidence, then this is going to be one of the most important and relevant messages you’ll ever read.

You have the best intentions for growth and some good ideas for your business. The problem is if you do not have a strategic or tactical plan to hit the results you are after you will never get there.

You have no one to help you keep you accountable.

You’re busy.

Time keeps going by and nothing is changing fast enough.

If you don’t change you’ll keep working harder. You will get more tired and frustrated.

That is why I’m reaching out with an opportunity to solve these problems at our Business Growth Intensive.

Does this sound like you? Now is the time for change.

January 30, 2020

Ballantyne Resort

10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway

Charlotte, NC 28277

9:00 am until 5:00 pm


Hi. I’m Ed and for the past 20 years I have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners with planning, running and growing their businesses, and growing my businesses at the same time.

This experience has given me the skills needed to help you grow yours.

After the 20 years of experience working with business owners and hundreds of thousands of dollars of training with some of the greatest financial experts, business coaches, professionals and marketers in the world I have developed the system you need to systematically grow your revenue, profits, cash value and business value, and free up more of your time.

If you think this is the year for you to make a change and take your business to the next level, you do not want to miss the opportunity to learn and implement the skills you need to make this happen.


The Business Growth Intensive was created to help you turn your business into the wealth creating machine you want and create the economic lifestyle you desire.

Here are FIVE reasons You CANNOT afford to miss our One-Day Intensive Planning Workshop:

Reason #1: Success Planning System

You will learn our Success Planning System so you can map out your plan for success. 

Imagine the peace of mind to know in January what you need to do for success this year.

Reason #2: Eliminate the roadblocks to your success

You will learn how to identify the roadblocks that have been getting in your way and slowing your success.  You will identify the solutions to fix them.

Reason #3: Learn from other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

There is no better way to learn than from other successful business owners in a group setting.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from your peers their successes and lessons learned in business.

Reason #4: Create Accountability

Being held accountable is a key to success for any business.  You will set your goals and be held accountable for achieving them.

Reason #5: The Gameplan

A year can be a long time and it is easy for another year to fly by again.  You will take the information you have learned and develop a manageable plan broken down into an easy to implement system.

Learn Better Growth Strategies for 2020 or Pay Nothing Guarantee

If you are not delighted with the knowledge and tools you acquired at the Business Growth Intensive, let us know before the end of the day and I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked!

You now have a 100% guarantee AND the opportunity for a better way to run your business. 

The ability to have the tools that you help you plan, implement and transform your business the way you want is priceless.

What is the value of changing your business to run the way you want it to in 2020? What is the cost over the next 5 years if you don’t? A lot.

The ideas from this program could increase your business by $100,000 or more, but that is not what you are going to pay if you act fast.

I’m going to give you a discount if you act fast and sign today.

In addition to the discount, there are two other reasons to attend:

Bonus #1: 30 Days of Training and Support

Learning how to develop a plan and how to implement are great tools for success.  To help you stay on track for success in 2020 you will receive a video every day for 30 days with additional education and resources to implement for business and personal success.

Bonus #2: One-on-One Success Training

After you have complete the 30 days of training and support you will have a one-on-one Continued Success Session to assess what you have completed in last 30 days, plan for the next 30 days and make sure you stay on track for the remainder of the year.

Here’s What It Costs & Payment Options:

Can’t make the Business Growth Intensive live event on Thursday, January 30 in Charlotte, NC?  No worries, we have you covered.  The event will be available to you via live stream on the web.  You can participate in the planning, group masterminding and more from wherever you are that day.


Event Details:

Ballantyne Resort

10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway

Charlotte, NC 28277


9:00 am until 5:00 pm


Call (704) 544-7600
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