Virtual CFO

The Ed Lloyd & Associates Virtual CFO Service Provides Business Owners the Opportunity To Increase the Value of Your Business by 71%.

We change the lives of small to medium sized business owners by helping them reach their potential.  The Ed Lloyd & Associates Virtual CFO Service is how we help our clients get there.  Focusing on the eight business drives and our Awesome 8 services we provide the tools the business owners really need and deserve to grow their business. We are able to provide the structure, systems and support you would expect from a full time CFO for a fraction of the cost.

We have a process designed to ensure your success:

  • You complete a 13 minute questionnaire which analyzes your eight business drivers.  We review your information and deliver a one-on-one meeting to review your business drivers and the strengths and weaknesses in your business.
  • Every 45 and 90 days we work together to increase the potential value of your business and reduce the reliance of your business on the business owner.  We also work on your cash flow, expense reduction, business growth, break even and other needs of your business.
  • Your critical drivers and key performance indicators are developed with real time reporting on the areas that are critical to your business.
  • Your short and long term goals are analyzed and broken down into manageable tasks that we monitor and manage.
  • Reporting and meetings are delivered weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to make sure your goals are realized.

How do we do this? By the approach we take:

We take the time to understand everything about you and your business, This understanding helps us provide the insights needed to make sound recommendations on how to improve your business.


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