At Ed Lloyd & Associates we understand that more profit to the bottom line is more important than simply driving top line revenue. We work strategically with clients provides these services for a fraction of the cost of a CFO.

How do we do this? We act like virtual CFO’s for our clients since most small to medium sized business owners cannot afford or need a full-time CFO. We have created a PROFITS system that allows us to provide CFO services to clients for a fraction of the cost.

How does our PROFITS System work?

  1. KPI’s – We understand the key performance indicators for your specific business and create reports that we can provide real time and with your monthly or quarterly meetings so that you can make better informed decisions.
  2. Critical Drivers – These are the things that drive profit to your bottom line. Every business has 4-5 critical drivers that are unique to their business. The business owners do not know them or how to manage them and drive them. This lack of insight leaves money on the table every time. We know how to identify them for each business and set up measures for them to focus on.
  3. Budgets – We work with our clients to develop a budget for the next 12 months and break out the variable (change with activity) and fixed (no change anticipated) costs and determine a breakeven point. We use this information and help you understand your breakeven point and break it down to a daily, weekly and/or monthly number this is easy to understand and focus on.
  4. Forecasting – Having sales and revenue targets for the next 12 months and then tying them to your budgets and cashflow gives you the insight to understand your cash position at all times. Without a plan and a way to measure it, how can you ever meet your objectives?

Services available with Ed Lloyd & Associates PROFITS System:

  1. Easy to understand reporting with graphical and numeric reporting.
  2. Monthly, quarterly and annual business analysis.
  3. Industry comparison analysis.
  4. System review.
  5. KPI and critical driver analysis.
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