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QuickBooks Training & Support

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?


QuickBooks Online

Ed Lloyd & Associates Accounting Solutions provides cloud based accounting, business advisory and tax services. Cloud accounting is term used to describe the accounting process done virtually (or nearly virtually). We prefer QuickBooks Online cloud based accounting software over files installed on the computer, email and web based client portals instead of snail mail and file cabinets, apps to capture receipt images instead of keeping paper receipts, automation tools to  automatically gather invoices, bills and statements and more. Cloud accounting is better, faster, cheaper accounting. You’ll work more efficiently, spend less money and get better service with our firm.

QuickBooks Desktop including QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Online has limitations which so your individual situation must be analyzed before diving into QuickBooks Online. If your business requires the functionality of QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise we can also assist you with these versions of QuickBooks.  Many of our clients store these versions of QuickBooks in the cloud to allow similar access that QuickBooks Online offers.

Are You Maximizing Your Accounting Investment?

Ed Lloyd & Associates Accounting Solutions can help you with the following issues:

  • Do you have systems in place to safeguard against theft?
  • Are you utilizing technology to make the most of what you do?
  • Are you wasting time and money on Accounting and bookkeeping processes?
  • Are you using QuickBooks and having problems with accurate reporting?
  • Do you have the safeguards in place to grow and protect your business assets?

Ed Lloyd & Associates Accounting Solutions

The Ed Lloyd & Associates Accounting Solutions turns a tedious, annoying and expensive process into a simple and stress free experience! Depending upon your needs we will record all your checks, charges, invoices, bills, receipts, transfers and other business transactions in Quickbooks Online for you!

Benefits: Ed Lloyd & Associates Accounting Solutions

  • Each bookkeeping client has free unlimited cloud storage and we will organize and store your documents and financial records in an encrypted portal in the cloud safe from fire, flood, theft and misplacement.
  • As a client, you’ll have the option to upload your receipts via your smart phone so the receipts integrate with your accounting records.
  • Every month you’ll receive a Performance Report that includes graphical analysis of your business operations in addition to the traditional balance sheet, income statement reporting.
  • There is no need to purchase accounting software because we provide QuickBooks Online free for new clients!
  • Our fixed price Accounting Solutions and be used with in conjunction with our fixed price Business Tax packages and Business Advisory packages. We work with you for the solutions that best meet your needs.
  • Our Accounting Solutions empowers you to manage your business with digital dashboard precision on any desktop or mobile device. It’s a secure, cloud-based way to run your small business with the portability and power today’s entrepreneurs need.
  • Go paperless! Eliminate cumbersome paper documents from your management process.
  • Manage accounts payable with ease. View and pay your bills securely online.
  • Automate expense reimbursements. Our system will automate the process of categorizing and approving expenses, saving time and legwork.
  • Take the pain out of payroll with solutions for automated timekeeping and secure portals for self-serve employee access to pay stubs.

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