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QuickBooks Training & Support

We offer certified QuickBooks Training in Charlotte NC:

  • Set up QuickBooks correctly the first time and fix problems with existing systems. We work with physicians with multi-million dollar practices, construction companies with over 10 million dollars in sales, and all types of other companies in QuickBooks and are qualified to assist you.
  • Train you how to use QuickBooks™ – one-on-one to meet your individual needs. We cover bank reconciliation, inventory, job costing, accounts receivables, accounts payable, items, setting up income categories, expense allocations to financial reporting; whatever assistance you need to use this program correctly.
  • Develop financial reports so you can measure how your business is doing.
  • We can also monitor your progress and provide support on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.
  • If your business outgrows QuickBooks™, we have other software programs to meet your needs.
  • Looking to purchase QuickBooks™? We have $100 off rebate coupons + 10% discount for our clients.

Support Approaches to meet your individual, technical and accounting needs:

  • E-mail requests
  • Telephone Support
  • On-Line Support using PC Anywhere
  • In-house support with your file
  • On-site support
  • We also work with business owners to run a successful business. This includes analysis of your financial information, tax planning & retirement plan analysis and benefits for your business.

To access these services:

Give us a call at 704-544-7600 and we will discuss your situation and set up a time to assist you. If you are not local then send us your requests with a detailed description of your particular problem or issue via, e-mail, fax, or mail.

We will then analyze your request and will send you a communication stating if the software could meet your needs, and what will be our fees to satisfactorily resolve your technical or accounting problems.

After your reply commissioning our research and accepting our pre-payment terms, we will answer your request within 24 hours of receipt of your message.

Maintenance and Counseling Support:

  • We will create and customize your data file according to your company’s specifications and set up beginning balances.
  • Set up the most common use items & services of your company in order to prepare invoicing.
  • We will set up employees data in order to prepare payroll and setting up vendors, customers, and other names.
  • Also we will set up your Accounts Receivable balances for your customers.
  • We will set up your Accounts Payable balances.
  • Training in order to get you starting to use QuickBooks™ and all phases of the program.

If you have an existing company and data on QuickBooks™ we will also:

  • Review your existing QuickBooks™ file and clean it up.
  • Reconcile your bank accounts, adjust your Accounts Receivables, & Accounts Payables.
  • Adjust and correct the payroll, inventory an other general ledger accounts.

If you outgrow QuickBooks™, we can assist you in the transition to a new program that meets your needs.

For more information about QuickBooks training, please call 704-544-7600, Email Us or use our quick & convenient Online Form.

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