At Ed Lloyd & Associates, we ensure that our clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible. To make this happen we understand everything about each client, their family, their business and investment structures. EVERYTHING.

How do we do this? By the approach we take:

We take the time to understand everything about the client, their business, their family, their business and investment structures, etc. This understanding helps us provide the insights needed to make sound recommendations on the mitigating taxes for the client.

We offer a Free Tax Review for all prospective clients. We have performed these free tax reviews for new clients and surprised a lot of people with our findings. We analyze the tax returns and financial statements for the last two to three years

Tax planning is a specialty that most accountants are too busy to undertake. It is part of our focus and something that we enjoy doing for our clients. Ed Lloyd CPA has completed certification training from several organizations in tax planning and the team at Ed Lloyd & Associates undergoes training during the year to maintain the skills needed for effective tax planning. We have experience with tax planning and tax preparation for clients in Charlotte, NC and throughout the United States.  We currently prepare state tax returns for over 30 states on an annual basis.

To get the most out of your tax planning it is critical to start with real numbers to take advantage of the deductions available and to grow your business. All new clients start with our Strategic Tax Planning to uncover missed opportunities and reduce their tax burden.  Our accounting team will get your books in order and then we will find the fixed price agreement that meets your business needs. We can assist your with accounting, business analytics, controller and Virtual CFO services.

Services available with Ed Lloyd & Associates Tax Solutions:

  1. Strategic Tax Planning
  2. Tax preparation for S Corporations, Partnerships, C Corporations, Sole Proprietorships and individuals
  3. Audit representation with the IRS, state department of revenue, property tax audits and sales tax audits
  4. Resolution of payroll tax penalties and notices
  5. Offer-in-compromise for outstanding taxes
  6. Salary analysis for business owners.
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