Strategic Tax Planning

It’s Not What You Make, It’s How Much You Keep That Counts

To recapture wasted tax dollars you need a system that focuses on tax minimization. Ed Lloyd CPA has been reducing taxes for his clients for over 20 years. We understand your business and personal situations and look for hidden tax deductions that you are not aware of. Our Free Tax Review will analyze the past two to three years of tax returns and financials so we can recover your wasted tax dollars.

Having your own business can be financially rewarding in two ways:

  • It allows for better control over the amount of income and wealth you can generate.
  • It opens the door to the tremendous tax advantages available in our tax code.

Questions that you need to understand the correct answers to:

  • Have you organized your business right for asset protection, tax reduction and lower your audit risk?
  • Do you need more than one business entity?
  • Are you properly recording and documenting your deductions?
  • Do you have the right benefit plans for yourself and your employees?
  • Do you have the right retirement plan to prepare for your future?
  • Have you included all of the employees that are entitled to the benefits you offer?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the legitimate deductions the tax code offers?

We work with business owners and investors throughout the United States. We have the experience — and the proactive attitude — to give you more than just a history lesson.

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