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Building a Better HVAC Brand Voice

Your brand is central to your business and should be a part of your HVAC marketing strategy. – it’s the way customers and potential customers interpret your business. Likewise, your HVAC brand voice – the way your company communicates outbound messaging – is what sets your clients’ expectations about what it’s like to do business with you. This, ultimately, impacts client satisfaction, so it’s imperative to invest the time in defining and documenting your brand voice.


3-Steps to Finding your HVAC Brand Voice to Enhance your Marketing Strategy


  1. Define the personality of your business.

What traits do your value most that you want to communicate to your customers? People expect you to be polite and honest – look at works that define who you are as a business.

  1. Set your HVAC business apart from the competition.

Talk with you best customers – why do they think you are the best?  Talk with your team and get their input on what makes you unique.  Take this information and your own experience and craft a message that people who do not know you can resonate with.  Let others know the value they receive by working with your company.

  1. Mirror the speech patterns and sentence structure of your target audience.

This task is a bit trickier than the first two because it involves truly listening. To be successful, you – and your HVAC technicians – must practice active listening with your target audience and adapting your brand voice to mimic their own. Why? Mirroring builds trust and creates camaraderie. People want to do business with people who are like them, because we’re all our own biggest fans!

HVAC Branding for Business Development

HVAC Business Branding


Now that you have a strong idea about what your voice sounds like, it’s time to document your findings. When you take the time to write out your decisions it’s easier to bring everyone in your company up to speed – including everyone from veteran HVAC technicians to new hires. This promotes a cohesive brand across the board – whether a team member is speaking to a client or a prospect hears an ad on the radio.

Additionally, your brand voice guidelines should be shared with anyone who creates any type of messaging for your business. This list includes freelancers, contractors or businesses you hire to create social media posts, radio or television ads, print advertising, branded materials and so forth. After all, if your HVAC company is brash – your outside talent will immediately understand that it’s okay to push the envelope a little bit.

Just make sure that your HVAC brand voice evolves and changes over time. No one says “totally rad” anymore. Likewise, the language your HVAC Business uses should account for changing social norms. This isn’t to say that you should try to ride the wave of every passing trend. Simply be true to the authentic personality of your business – if changing language feels right for your business, grow and adjust accordingly.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a fresh, consistent HVAC brand voice. One that you and your employees will be proud to share.


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