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HVAC Team Accountability


You can Rescue HVAC Team Profitability to reach your potential in the HVAC industry. To do so, your HVAC team must understand the objectives of the business. Most importantly, everyone must work together toward a shared goal. The challenge is having a system in place for accountability that most HVAC owners don’t have in place. Our guide outlines a way to create a cohesive team that will work together to drive your company’s financial success, ultimately increasing your HVAC profitability.

For today’s discussion, we’ll say that accountability is a state in which employees feel an ownership of their responsibilities towards the team’s overall success. As a business owner, your goal is to rescue HVAC team profitability by increasing accountability.



Your HVAC Team Can Rescue Profits


You can probably identify a couple of your HVAC team members who intrinsically possess accountability. The others, however, may need a bit of encouragement. Increased accountability will ultimately lead to increased HVAC profitability, so let’s create a more accountable HVAC team.


Rescue HVAC Team Profitability


1. Define a shared purpose.
  • As a team, figure out the group’s purpose. (Meet X% of sales, change the stigma of HVAC service with X positive customer service reviews, reduce the number of call-backs by X% by improving quality of service, etc.)
  • Outline the team’s roles, responsibilities and rewards. Yes, rewards. Those who go above and beyond should be recognized for their hard work. To clarify, mediocrity is no longer on the menu.
  • Pro-Tip: Let your HVAC team do as much of the brainstorming and speaking as possible during this phase. Because, when the task list is their own, they’ll be more apt to complete it.
2. Set the expectation.

After your team agrees on a set of goals and a plan of action, outline your expectations of the group and each individual technician.

  • Create and communicate clear measures for success.
  • Leave no room for ambiguity. (Anne Loehr, Transformational Author and Leader says that “The enemy of accountability is ambiguity.” Heed this advice.)
  • Create an action plan for the team to help and support one another.
3. Plan a team response to missed marks.

It’s easy to accept accountability when all is going according to plan. However, when things go south, it’ll be interesting to watch how your HVAC team responds. Take a preemptive strike against a culture of blame and shame by outlining your response to performance short falls.

  • Set up training that uses missed targets as opportunities for professional growth.
  • Foster a supportive team that encourages one another to reach goals.
  • Make it clear that mistakes are acceptable – hiding behind other team members and/or placing blame elsewhere is not.
4. Get to work!!!

Give your HVAC technicians the freedom to go into the field and put their plan into action.

  • As a manager, be engaged throughout the month – not just on the 1st and 31st.
  • Ask for regular updates on progress towards goals, provide additional support and training when necessary and be willing to give tough feedback if necessary.
5. Lead by example.
  • Be accountable for the performance of your HVAC team.
  • Show up and participate in their success.
  • Routinely share the team’s progress so everyone knows their standing and where areas for improvement exist.


Foster Accountability


When you foster accountability for your HVAC team, sales will improve as morale changes. You will Rescue HVAC Team Profitability. After all, an accountable team has respect for its own members and puts pressure on under-performers for improvement. Similarly, an accountable team also discourages status quo and celebrates outstanding profitability again and again. You can’t afford to let another month of missed margins go by. Put an accountability plan in place for your business today, to grow your HVAC profitability tomorrow.


Scale Your HVAC Business


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