Enhance Technical Efficiency to Increase Profits

Let’s talk about enhancing technical efficiencies in your business to increase profits. Isn’t it always about budgets and overhead!

Tweaking the technological aspects of your business processes, and the opportunities it provides, can also be a big benefit for your company and your team. You will enhance the overall customer service experience and increase profits, to accelerate your business.

In a recent analysis by Software Advice, they discovered that 29 percent of HVAC software systems use manual methods – or nothing at all – to help manage their business. Another 40 percent only use QuickBooks. Surprisingly, 74 percent of HVAC businesses aren’t using any kind of software to manage their field operations.

I am sure that you are not in the 29 percent; however, owners need to review their CRM and route management system every year to maximize their profits and efficiency.


HVAC Technology Leaders

I met with the reps for FIELDBOSS, ServiceTitan, Jobber, and others at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, in January 2019. After talking with these companies and with HVAC owners about the systems they were using, and their challenges, it became clear to me that there is a lot of technology available which can greatly benefit the business owners, but is not always being implemented correctly.

The key to making this work is to pair-up the right technology with the needs of your business.



This is not a CRM/Software review, but an outline of things to consider, to increase your bottom line and customer satisfaction ratings with the leverage of technology.

  • Does your system integrate seamlessly with your accounting package or are you plugging numbers to make it work?
  • Does your system provide routing optimization to increase driver and install route efficiencies and customer satisfaction?
  • Is your system best suited for the type of work you do? Some systems work best with residential, some with commercial, and some with both.
  • Do you receive the reports you need to manage your business effectively?

A good system that provides information on fleet and route management systems will help reduce fuel costs and the related operating expenses required to keep your trucks on the road.

Another potential benefit is reduced traffic violations and accidents for lowered insurance premiums.

How? The technology can see far in advance what drivers can’t. Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Geotab said, “This technology accounts for changing road conditions, weather conditions, and other valuable points of data, which are customizable based on business needs and priorities.”

The concept revolves around setting appointment locations and creating an optimized progression according to your preferences, which will ultimately save you time and money. Although, as simple as this service sounds, most HVAC companies aren’t using it to their full advantage.



Maximizing the benefits that technology provides will also increase satisfaction for the field, office staff, and customers, which is another value added benefit.

Learn more here about sustained growth and profitability for your HVAC business.

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